Better Days are Here

Every season brings a reason to be outside, especially when you’ve got kids! After endless summer days and crisp nights outdoors, the elements got the best of us. With bites, bumps, and sunburns, everyone’s skin winds up inflamed, irritated, and itchy. (Nothing worse than a middle of the night wake up call because of itchy skin, right?) We looked for clean products that worked for every body, but no luck. So we did what moms do best — we decided to make it better ourselves. All of our products are made with love and with the whole family in mind.

Today’s first aid is stuck in the past offering the same remedies our grandparents used. Current solutions use ingredients that have not been revisited in decades. Modern science tells us, plants are powerful, effective and safe for everyday use. Now that we know better, let's do better, especially for the ones we love most. 

We are All Better Co.

We make first aid better

Made with love by moms


Merav & Stacy

What We Mean when We Say Clean

With so many “clean” formulas out there today, we want to be crystal clear about what cleans means to us:

– Only naturally derived ingredients
– Simple, thoughtfully designed formulas 
– No residuals or fillers
– We take our cues from the power of plants

Meet the Founders

Two moms meet on the playground, commiserate over fussy bug bites, realize a mutual respect for the healing powers of plants, and here we are. In addition to a shared life journey that includes the raising of small children, Merav and Stacy have a balance of super powers that is the perfect alchemy to bring this clean personal care brand to life for their families and yours.