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The Better Bandage is here!

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Do all of your products contain CBD?

No. Our patches do not contain CBD, just our Don’t Scratch That pen and Stay Away bug spray.

Why do you use CBD in your products?

CBD is nature's wonder ingredient. Our bodies contain endocannabinoid receptors that tap into our healing center. By including the right amount of CBD, our products unlock these receptors so your body can heal itself. All Better Co. delivers powerful healing and nourishment to the skin — naturally!

What kind of CBD is in your products?

We use premium grade hemp-derived CBD in our Don’t Scratch That pen.

Will I get high?

Nope! We've designed our products as if they were made for our entire family — because they are. All Better Co. is strong enough to fight skin irritations and gentle enough for daily use. The only high you'll get is from how good your skin will feel.

Shipping & Returns

How long will it take for my order to get here?

Please allow 5-7 days for our small but mighty team to fulfill your order. Once your order is fulfilled, it will be shipped via your preferred shipping method, selected at checkout.

What are your shipping rates?

We are happy to offer free shipping for all orders over $50(excluding taxes), all other orders will ship for a flat rate of $4.95.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept product returns at this time. If you are not satisfied with your purchase please email us at

What about exchanges?

If your product is damaged or defective upon arrival, ABC will exchange it for the identical product at no additional cost.  Or if the product delivered is not the product that You ordered, ABC will exchange it for the product ordered.  If you do need to exchange a product for one of these reasons, email us at To complete Your exchange, ABC also requires a receipt or proof of purchase.  Depending on where you live, shipping and delivery times may vary.

Our Products

Why isn't the patch sticking?

Skin needs to be dry and clean from dirt before applying the patch. You might try using an alcohol swab or witch hazel before you apply.

Why isn’t the pen cream coming out?

When you first receive the pen you will likely need to click it a number of times (more than you think!) until you see the product move through the tip. Once you see it, it should come out easily from that point onwards.

Can I use the pen and patch together?

Yes! Sometimes you need the one-two-punch. Apply the pen, allow it to dry to the touch. Then apply the patch to seal it in with tea tree oil.