Better Days Hat


Keep bad vibes (and the sun) out of your eyes. This is the comfy, broken in, washed out dad hat of your dreams. Let people know better days are here, with lime green embroidery on a goes-with-everything, handles-anything forest green washed canvas. Perfect for your next camping trip, grocery pickup, or for accessorizing that no-time-to-shower-today hair. 

Material: 100% Cotton


Certifiably “Made by Moms”

It takes one to know one, and when it comes to makes-sense solutions to life’s irritations, there’s literally no one who knows better than Mom. We understand the frustration (and lack of sleep) that itchy skin invites into the lives of those we love most. When we searched the market for safe, natural solutions, we couldn’t find anything that worked, so we made it ourselves.

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Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders Body: Two moms meet on the playground, commiserate over fussy bug bites, realize a mutual respect for the healing powers of plants, and here we are. In addition to a shared life journey that includes the raising of small children, Merav and Stacy have a balance of super powers that is the perfect alchemy to bring this clean personal care brand to life for their families and yours.

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